Here are my comments and suggestions. Read them carefully and improve your work.

1. Circumnavigation of the World:
  • Title: it is correct.
  • Table of contents: it is correctly located but it is too long so it is not useful. Reduce it. Create a main table of contents and then different ones for each issue. It looks strange, it is not clear. Rewrite the headings so that the table of contents is useful and clear.
  • Appearance: your page looks nice as it contains content, images, videos...
  • Content: some of the content is not related to your topic so it should not be on your page. You have to focus on the circumnavigation of the world. Who supported the expedition, what were its objectives, what did they take on the ships, which people participated on the exploration, who was the crew, how did they hire it, what route did they follow, what adventures took place, what territories did they find, what tipe of people did they find, how did they get back... You should also write Maguellan's biography and ElCano's biography, and give information about the consequences of the circumnavigation of the world. Reorganize the information in a logical way and build an interesting main page. Leave the other pages to expand information. Organize the information beginning with who supported the expedition; then talk about the objectives of the expedition; about Magellan (expand information on another page); about ElCano (expand information on another page); then about the preparations for the expedition (number of ships, crew, food...); then about the trip (route they followed, problems, people that died, territories they found, people they found...); finally about the consequences of the expedition (geography; culture; animals; plants; civilizations; economy...)
  • Original content: it is compulsory to use your own words, do not copy and paste. Keep on working on this.
  • Grammar: be careful with tenses and spelling. Create simple sentences. Keep on working on this.
  • Observations: you have done interesting work but it is not connected to your topic. Please focus on your topic and research about it.
  • 2nd correction's observations: Your work is better now and so is your information. Please complete the page by using my suggestions so that you can begin using tools immediately.
  • ¬°Focus on your topic!