Table of Contents


1. The World Europeans knew at the beginning of the 15th century: Ian Rocha's Group

2. Reasons for Exploring the World: Oscar Luis, Piruz Pouryayevaly, Sergio García, Pablo Cea, Cosmin Budusel

3. Portuguese Explorations: Reasons, Bartolome Díaz's Exploration, Vasco da Gama's Exploration: Elba's Group

4. Spanish Explorations:
- Discovery of America:
Christopher Columbus' Life: Laura Alba's group
Preparation of the 1st voyage: Sofía Romano's Group
Capitulaciones de Santa Fe: Diego Sancho's Group
Christopher Columbus' Voyages: Pablo Andreu, Aitor Cruz, Sergio Blanco, David García
Columbus' Diary: Yeray's Group
The Treaty of Tordesillas: Adrian Molina's Group
The final years of Christopher Columbus': Patricia Martin's Group

- America before the discovery: Anna Smurawsky's Group

5. Spanish Explorations: Circumnavigation of the World: Ana Merino, Irene Palomo, Malena López, Natalia Torrens
- Magellan
- El Cano

6. Consequences of the Discovery:

-Geographical Consequences, Plants: Victor Pérez, Noelia Sánchez, Maria Calvo, Andrea Romero

- Animals: Paloma Valverde, Sara Pérez, Jessica Pinilla y Sheila Pinto

7. The Conquistadors:
Hernan Cortes, Orellana, Cabeza de Vaca y Pizarro: Veronica's González group

8. Colonization:
- Laws for the indians: Adrian Molina's Group
- Casa de Contratación y Consejo de Indias: Ricardo Camacho

What to do:

Your group should research about the topic given to you by the teacher.

1. You have to create a wiki page for your group and register the members of the group.

2. Then, you have to split the work. One member has to be responsible of one tool:

  • Editing the page
  • Creating presentations (power point, moviemaker...)
  • Creating and editing a glog (glogster)
  • Creating and editing a timeline (dipity, xtimeline)
  • Creating a map (googlemaps, googlearth)
  • Creating and editing a voki or xtranormal video.
3. The accountable for each tool should watch the videotutorials, open an account on the tool, create the material and invite the rest of the members to work on it.
So, the accountable for googlemaps, should watch the videotutorials of googlemaps, then open and account and create a map, then invite the rest of the members of the group to collaborate in its creation. He/she should also send an invitation to the teacher (
Besides, he/she is responsible of explaining the rest of the members of the group how to use the tool, dividing the work that should be done on the tool in a fair way and check that each member is doing the work properly and on time.

4. Organize the research. Create differente subpages and link them on your page to organize the information you are obtaining about your topic. Decide who is going to research each topic, issue or event, when he or she will do it and how will he/she share the information with the group.
5. The teacher will set a deadline for delivering the material.
6. The accountable for each tool would embed the material on the group's wiki page.


- Basic research should be finished by 1st of April. Your information should be organize and loaded on your group's wiki pages.
- All the tools should be created and have a basic draft on the 14th of April. A basic draft means that the material has been created by using the given tool, all the members plus the teacher have been invited and basic information has been included as an outline on the material.
- 2nd draft on the 29th of April. This second draft will contain all the information you want to include so that the teacher will give you feedback and corrections to finish it.
- 12th of may. Final work.