3.Ferdinand Magellan

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3.1 What was Magellan's project?

Magellan's project was to make the first expedition from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean(then named "peaceful sea" by Magellan; the passage being made via the Strait of Magellan)

3.2 What did he think about the objectives of the projects?

Magellan though that the passega they were looking for was the strait of Magellan but they were wrong , then a month letter they know that thas was not the straight of Magellan and continue sailing south.

3.3 What did he discovered?

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Magellan though that the Plata River was the strait conecting both oceans, and so the expedition spent abaut a month exploring its stuary. Finally the expedition sailed south and found the Strait of Magellan, wich was one of main objectives of the expedition.

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3.4 What happened to him in the end?

Magellan was killed in a fight with the native indians in the Philippines Islands. It was called The Battle of Mactan, this hapend in the year 1521. After Magellan's death Elcano took command.

3.5 Biography

Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal to Rui de Magalhaes and Alda de Mesquita. Because his family had ties to the royal family, Magellan became a page to the Portuguese queen after his parents' untimely deaths in 1490. This allowed him the opportunity to become educated and learn about the various Portuguese exploration expeditions- possibly even those conducted by Christopher Columbus. Magellan took part in his first sea voyage in 1505 when Portugal sent him to India to help install Francisco de Almeida as the Portuguese viceroy. He also experienced his first battle there in 1509 when one of the local kings rejected the practice of paying tribute to the new viceroy. From here however, Magellan lost the viceroy Almeida's support after he took leave without permission and was accused of illegally trading with the Moors. After some of the accusations were proven to be true, Magellan lost all offers of employment from the Portuguese after 1514.