Here are my comments and suggestions. Read them carefully and improve your work.

1. Consequences of the Discoveries I:
  • Title: delete the second title, the title of your topic already appears at the top of your page. Not done.
  • Table of content: it is correctly located but it is so long and detailed that it is not useful. It should only contain the main issues to be useful. Improve it. It has been improved but its appearance is not attractive and some titles are wrongly writen. Change it please.
  • Appearance: your main page looks desserted and boring as it does not contain information, images or videos. Some changes have been made but the size and font of the letters are so different and the videos do not make sense on their place that your page is still a mess.
  • Content: your main page should contain interesting information as it is the first place a user is going to visit. Fill it with interesting general information about the things they discovered and their importance and use secondary pages to expand information.
    • Your secondary pages are not clear. Organize the information in a clearer and more easy way as you have done on the page related to the "Spices"
    • The page about Geography is wrong because it does not contain information about how their knowledge of Geography changed.
    • You should not create an specific page about new civilizations because other groups are working on that. What you can do is give little information and link that to the other groups pages.
  • Content: Instead of creating so many pages focus on organizing a good main page. We are not interested in how many types of tomatoes or corn exist but in how they were introduced from America to Europe or the other way round. Talk with me about the content and how to organize it.
  • Original content: it is compulsory to use your own words. Do not copy and paste.
  • Grammar: review spelling and tenses and use clear simple sentences.
  • Other observations: you have done some good work but the information is not properly organized and it is difficult to understand and read it. Please reorganize the information, put information on your main page. Decide with the memebers of the group the best way to organize de information.
  • 2nd correction's observations: You have made some little changes on some pages although you have not followed most of the instructions I gave you on my first corrections. It is important to improve your work immediately if you don't want to endanger the marks of the 3rd trimester. I also want to know why some people of the group is still not working on the project.
  • ¡Good work but reorganize and clarify the information!

2. Consequences of the Discoveries II:
  • Title: delete the second title as the mai title of your page already appears at the top of your page. Done
  • Table of content: it is correctly located but it should only contain headings related to your topic. It is better but it still contains non attractive titles, improve it.
  • Appearance: your main page looks boring and not interesting as it contains little information and no images or videos. Improve it. The appearance of your page has improved a lot. Good work.
  • Content: your main page should contain lots of information. You have created too many pages (each for one animal or disease) which do not contain much information either. Please reorganize the information and put it on your main page or on a maximum of 3 pages. Some of your content has improved a lot, although so many details about the animals or the diseases are not really interesting. What we want to know about this topic is how the exchange of animals made an impact on America or on Europe and how diseases affected people in America. Talk to me if you don't understand what I mean.
  • Original content: you have to use your own words, it is compulsory. Do not copy and paste. It is better but you need to keep on working on original content.
  • Grammar: review tenses and spelling. Use clear, simple sentences. Keep on working on this.
  • Other observations: you have finally started the research but you need to reorganize the information. Talk to the members of your group and decide how to organize the information on a clear simple way.
  • 2nd correction's observations: you have made some changes and your pages have improved a lot. Anyway, some more changes are needed. Firstly, put all the information about animals on one page and all the information about diseases on a different page. Then, try to think and explain what impact this the exchange of animals and diseases had on America and Europe. Talk to me if you don't understand what I mean. Make this little changes so that you can begin using other tools.
  • ¡Good work but it needs reorganization!