General idea of Christopher Colombus´ projects for the first voyage.

  • Christopher Columbus was very sure that the earth was round and he wanted to perform his project to reach India (the spices land) sailing westward through the Atlantic ocean. His project consisted of finding a new and shorter trade route to Asia to obtain silk and spices.
  • Columbus thought that the earth was much smaller than it is. And he is going to try to convince some crown and kingdoms to see if anyone can and will support his idea.
  • First he tryed to convince the crown of portugal since they were very interested in spices.

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Triying to convince the crown of Portugal

  • Prince Henry continued ignoring the opposition of his loyal servantsand he had already, by discovery of his navigators, exploded the erroneous belief that the equator was impassable, so Columbus tried to find employment at his service.But prince Henry soon died after Columbus´s arrival at Lisbon.

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  • Christopher columbus was going to ask the Prince of Portugal but sadly he died. Columbus then waited till his haer, King John, that inherited the thrown and asked him. He turned him down because he didnt want to loose any money in something he thought stupid because he didnt believe the earth was round, so he told him he wasnt interested in his idea since he was already comited trading with asia by the sea route that passed trough the south of Africa and that if the earth was round it would take longer.

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  • The desire for making explorations in the western waters was stimulated by stories of vegetable productions, wood handsomely carved, and the bodies of two men with dark skin, which had been washed ashore at the Azores from some unknown land in the west. These things made Columbus more sure of his belief that the earth was a sphere, and that Asia could be reached by sailing westward from Europe.

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  • With bad luck he asked help to King John of Portugal, who liked Columbus´s idea, but priests and professors interposed controlling objections. The king however sent a caravel ostensibly with provisions for the Cape Verde Islands, but with secret instructions to the commander to pursue a course westward indicated by Columbus. The fears of the mariners caused them to turn back.

Portrate of Christopher Columbus
Portrate of Christopher Columbus

Trying to convince the Catholic Monarchs

  • Disgusted with this trick he determined to leave Portugal and ask aid from elsewhere. With his son Diego, he left Lisbon to Spain secretly in 1484, while his brother Bartholomew prepared to go to England to ask aid for the projected enterprise from Henry VII.
  • Genoa denied to help him, also did Venice; and he applied to the powerful and wealthy Spanish dukes of Medina-Sidon and Medina-Celli. They denied it too, but they later recommended the project to Queen Isabella who requested the navigator to be sent to her.
  • In that city he became attached to Donna Beatrice Enrique, by whom he had a son, Ferdinand, born in 1487, who became his biographer. It was an inappropriate moment for Columbus to lay his projects before the Spanish monarchs, for their courts were moving from place to place, in troublous times of the Reconquest. But at Salamanca he was introduced to King Ferdinand by Mendoza, Archbishop of Toledo and Grand Cardinal of Spain.

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  • Columbus waited for seven years in the army as a volunteer while the Spanish monarchs were finishing the Reconquest. Meanwhile the King of Portugal had invited him to return, and Henry VII had also invited him, by letter, to come to the Court of England, giving him encouraging promises of aid. But Ferdinand and Isabella treated him kindly, and he remained in Spain until 1491, when he set out to lay his projects before Charles VIII of France
    At the close of an October day, he stopped at the gate of the Franciscan monastery of Santa Maria de Rabid, near the port of Palos, in Andalusia, and asked for refreshment for his boy, Diego. The prior of the convent, Juan Perez de Marchena, became interested in the conversation of the stranger, and he invited him to remain as his guest. Columbus told him his plans. Alonzo Pinzon and other eminent navigators at Palos, with scientific men, were invited to the convent to talk with Columbus, and Pinzon offered to furnish and command a ship for explorations. Marchena, who had been Queen Isabella's confessor, wrote to her, asking an interview with her for Columbus. It was granted. Marchena rode to the camp of the monarchs at Santa Fe, when the Queen sent a little more than $200 to Columbus to enable him to appear decently at Court. He explained his project.

  • A civil officer at Court protested, and the Queen sent for him to return. Ferdinand said that there wasn´t enough money to be spared for the enterprise. Queen Isabella wanted to sell her crown jewels to pay for the expedition. An agreement was signed by their Majesties and Columbus at Santa Fe, April 17, 1492, by which he and his heirs should forever have the office of admiral over all lands he might discover, with honors equal to those of Grand Admiral of Castile; that he should be viceroy and governor-general over the same; that he should receive one-tenth of all mineral and other products that might be obtained; that he and his lieutenants should be the sole judges in all disputes that might arise between his jurisdiction and Spain, and that he might advance one-eighth in any venture, and receive a corresponding share of the profits. He was also authorized to enjoy the title of Don, or noble.