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The Capitulaciones de Santa Fe,17 April 1492, it was an agreement between the King Fernando II of Aragon, the Queen Isabel I of Castile(the Catholic Monarch) and the sailor, Christopher Columbus.
In this document they granted him the titles of Admiral of the Ocean Sea, the Viceroy, the Governor-General, and also the tenth part of all riches to be obtained from his intended voyage.
It was written the 17April of 1492, in a militar camp near Santa Fe, a villages of Granada; because the Catholic Monarch were finishing the reconquest of Al- andalus.
Vicissitudes are well known Columbus happened, first in Lisbon, where he lived for ten years and then in Spain, trying to sell his project in sailing west to the Ocean Sea (Atlantic Ocean today) could be reached to India given his belief that the earth was round like a ball. Portuguese and Spanish kings would not listen to the ideas of the Genoese sailor, until Luis de St. Angelo and other merchants who financed the first voyage of Columbus convinced Queen Isabella of the advantages of "Company of the Indies. "
After lengthy negotiations between Columbus and the Catholic Monarchs, signed a document in the Villa de Santa Fe de la Vega of Granada. Santa Fe was the city founded on the camp that Isabella established as the headquarters for the conquest of Granada. The capitulations were signed and completed the conquest of Granada in April 1492, months before the departure of the first trip.
In those years is called a chapter to the contract signed between the monarchs with individuals to undertake certain actions. Thus, the
conquest of new territories would individuals, not armies of State. Over the years America became the nest of European adventurers who wanted to undertake trips in search of riches.

1.Contract terms.

In capitulations of Santa Fe Columbus gave it the following:

• The life and hereditary title of Admiral of the Ocean Sea;
• The title of Viceroy and Governor of the lands they discovered;(...)
• The right to receive one-tenth of all the riches and goods produced in the company;
• The authority to deal in the problems arising from issues of wealth;
• The right to contribute one-eighth of the cost of issuance, in exchange for following a similar share of the profits


First, that Your Highnesses and Lords who are of the said ocean seas dende agora Fazen the said Don Christopher Columbus, admiral of all those islands and continents that your hand or industry is discovered or won in the said ocean seas for during his lifetime and after death, his heirs and Successores from one to another with all those preheminencias perpetual and privileges belonging to such officio, and second that Dom Afonso Henriques, quondam, Admiral of Castile, and the rest of their predecessore in this officio, held him in their districts

Your Highnesses Fazen Otrosí that the said Don Christoval its Viceroy and Governor General in all mainland and Islands said that as this is the uncover-win in these seas, and that each Hun Para regiment and any common Dellas, Faga the choice of three people for each office, and that Your Highnesses and Scojo take a more regardless of which service will be better governed and assi land that our Lord will fail and win dexara service of Your Highnesses